Handler Off-Line Universal serie OLS

special test equipment

General characteristics

Developed as an economical and versatile solution, the  OLS800-Tsi Universal Off-line Handler (OLS series)  adapts to any offline test application – ICT (In Circuit Test), ISP (Flashing) or FCT (functional). The design of this solution allows quick and ergonomic  fixture change , with a change time of less than 3 minutes.

Product configuration

  • High-strength aluminum structure, capable of forces greater than 10KN
  • TSi51 HD or TSi52 – up to 2560 PT @ 2.8N / PT + 1280 top / bottom fixture transfer pins @ 1.1.N / PT
  • TSi52 HD – up to 5120 PT @ 1.5N / PT + 2560 upper / lower fixture transfer bolts @ 1.1N / PT
  • 510 × 460mm maximum PCB size
  • Compression movement during test controlled by servo motor
  • Double stage test
  • Programmable height test of servo motor
  • Fixture coding on lower and upper plates for product-fixture validation
  • 2 modular pylon blocks for integration of additional instrumentation, such as CAN, RF, pneumatic or other specific needs
  • 12U rack positions used for Teradyne TSi52 instrumentation integration
  • Machine control communication drivers for .NET, NI LabWindows CVI, LabVIEW or any other third party platform with TCP / IP communication sockets


Full Teradyne TSi MDA / ICT and Digital / Hybrid program debugged in provided sample, including:

  • Test Capability Report (Test Coverage)
  • Repeatability (CGK) – Measurement System Capacity Report
  • Repeatability (CPK) – Process Capability Report


  • Fixture developed according to the previous Finite Element Analysis (FEA – Finite Element Analysis)
  • Impact analysis of test probes for fixture validation
  • Carrier for individual daughter plate analysis (panel removal).
  • Quick and Ergonomic replacement of fixtures.
  • Reduced footprint – other modules can be reloaded against both sides
  • Side actuation for DUT connectors (USB, Ethernet, etc.) with controlled insertion force
  • Up to 5120 test points (PT)
Common applications
Maximum PCB size
510 X 460 mm
Minimum PCB length
100 mm
Component top side opening
100 mm
Component underside opening
50 mm
Driving force (nominal)
10kN servo motor
Recommended max. number of test points
Drive time (machine cycle)
approx. 5 min
Parts / accesories change time
< 3 min
Instrumentation rack space
Interface type
Pylon Blocks / ODU
Machine control
Machine connection
Socket connection
Electric power
230V AC 50-60Hz
Pneumatic requirements
6.5 bars
840 (C) x 970 (L) x 1850 (A) mm
450 kg

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