EIIT – a Controlar company is committed to maintaining the highest level of innovation through continuous research, development and innovation aimed at designing new solutions.

Our approach to innovation

The growth of EIIT – a Controlar company has been largely based on its strong commitment to Innovation practices and its sustained investment in Research & Development.

Our areas of activity require a constant technological evolution, with an exhaustive monitoring of the innovations of our main players in the automotive and automation sectors among others, in order to anticipate the needs of this market and offer innovative and excellent solutions.

We seek to diversify the markets in which we operate, having invested so far in other sectors, also demanding in terms of cutting-edge technology: health, space and defense.

The strategic plan of Controlar and EIIT sets out as main objectives the search for new solutions that underlie the continuation of the companies as a reference in the automotive and automation area both nationally and internationally; as well as the creation of an innovation ecosystem that allows both companies to always be at the forefront.

Víctor PesqueraR&D Coordinator

Our R+D team

Our R&D department has highly qualified employees, 100% dedicated to the promotion and execution of innovation initiatives.

The diversity of skills, the collaboration of different teams in the company and in the group, together with the continuous acquisition of new knowledge, has allowed the development of new projects and solutions of high technological complexity and of great interest to the market.

The recognition in R+D practices

Since 2021, EIIT holds the Innovative SME seal that was created with the aim of distinguishing companies that are committed to innovation. This is a key factor that indicates an improvement for the economic and social development of any country.

These certifications demonstrate not only the sustained growth of EIIT in the  innovation field, but also its positioning against the competition in the markets where it operates.

Our R+D projects

Throughout the long history of EIIT, numerous innovative projects have been developed, therefore, in 2019 the company decided to implement a management system dedicated to these RDI projects.

Several CDTI projects are currently under development, which we believe will significantly increase the capabilities of EIIT.

Each company project follows the principles of open innovation management models, in accordance with international best practices, and pursues the involvement of R&D Centers and Universities, which allows the integration of knowledge that does not yet exist in the industry, and the possibility of sharing it in an integral way in the innovation ecosystem of EIIT.

As an example, we have developed R&D&I projects in the areas of space and defense, and established several contacts with Large Scientific Facilities (CERN, ITER and ESA)

Innovation will continue to be one of the main drivers of performance of Controlar companies in the future. We aim to invest in more projects with partners from Controlar's Innovation Ecosystem to bring new solutions to the market, using increasingly innovative technologies aligned with the main players in the industrial sectors.

Carlos AlcobiaGlobal R&D Manager