Last Tuesday, May 11,2021, we received the visit from the Universidad de Jaén at our facilities in La Carolina (Jaén)

During the visit, Mr. Pablo Juan Cárdenas (Director of OTRI), Mr. Pedro Pérez (Vice-rector of OTRI) and Ms. María Contreras (Technical Manager of OTRI), were able to see from Rafael Martos the new EIIT facilities in addition to Consider possible collaborations between EIIT and UJA.

What companies generally expect from the university is, in short, that it be capable of training professionals who respond to the needs of companies and that, in research, respond as quickly and efficiently as possible to specific problems that arise in the society.

From EIIT we are clear that both universities and companies are essential for the progress of society and, therefore, we must understand that collaboration between the two is essential.

For all this and with much more, EIIT and the University of Jaén have committed themselves to the utmost commitment to continue studying possible ways of collaboration.

We will continue to inform !!!