Sales Training Course 2020

EIIT will hold a Sales Training Course in the coming weeks .

Since its inception, EIIT has always valued its staff as a fundamental and basic part of its growth and future development and, therefore, training has always been a priority .

The course will be held at EIIT Madrid in collaboration with the “ Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Madrid ”.


Formacion en Ventas

Customer satisfaction is our goal, let’s focus on it.

Juan Ignacio Perez Martín, a trainer with extensive experience in sales and team management, will show us with theory and a lot of practice how to professionalize our team.

With this initiative, in addition to training our staff in the latest sales techniques, we will carry out practical exercises to define a series of processes and concepts for improving sales techniques.

Our Goal with this sales training is:

In the first place, facilitate relationships of trust with our current and future clients , with an added value proposition and secondly, knowing how to listen to our clients to be part of their solution.

Added value proposition

EIIT has always differentiated itself from its competition by the quality of its products and its after-sales service, now we also want to be their first option for our client .

Our goal

We don’t want to be salespeople, we don’t want to be just an engineering company, we want to be part of your solution, work side by side and passionately become your “strategic partner” .