Interview with Rafael Martos

Name: Rafael Martos

Education: Technical Industrial Engineering (Universidad Politécnica Superior de Jaén)

Degree in Industrial Electronics and Automation Engineering (University of León)

Master’s Degree in Business Management and Administration (San Telmo Business School)

Puesto actual: General Manager

What would you highlight from your professional career before joining the company?

I worked in several companies before coming to EIIT, and what I could highlight during this year is that, by working hard, improving day by day and being constant, all challenges can be achieved. In my opinion, reaching your goals is important, but the path to achieve them is essential.

What do you like most about EIIT and the company?

 I honestly couldn’t pick just one thing. EIIT has many strengths. To highlight some, I could point out the innovative capacity and the extensive knowledge and know-how that the company has, all this thanks to the impressive human team behind it.

What qualities would you say are essential to be a good Manager?

There are many qualities that are essential, but from my point of view, the most important ones are humility and determination.

Given the demands of your job, how do you organize, plan, and prioritize your tasks?

I always start the week by creating a to-do list, which I prioritize. This list is a “living” document that changes daily. At the end of the day, I review the tasks and organize different time slots to accomplish them.

What are the most interesting projects you are working on? We would like to know which is the project you were or are most excited to participate in.

 To tell you the truth, I couldn’t pick just one project. EIIT is immersed in a series of innovative projects that allow us to develop new ways of working, always being able to optimize processes, obtaining data from those processes and creating and providing value to our customers. Among them, I would point out the new generations of in-line test systems, innovative automation systems, RGB LED calibration solutions, test benches for the aeronautical sector, among others.

EIIT stands out for always using new technologies in its projects, what are the most innovative technologies you are currently working with?

EIIT is always at the forefront of technology. Our company is focused on offering innovative solutions to our clients, which allow them to differentiate themselves from their competitors thanks to our products and systems. As for the most innovative technologies, I just have to say that we are always looking for and developing new products and systems, using the latest technological developments in automation systems, mechanical, electrical equipment, and software.

In recent years EIIT has continued its international expansion. One of your functions is to ensure the stability of the business and lead the strategy in other countries such as India, Malaysia, or Morocco. What would you say is the most important factor to ensure the success of the company in different places?

Among all the factors necessary to ensure the success of the company in different countries, the most important, in my opinion, is to know the culture and the way of working in each one of them. It is necessary that your clients see you as one of their own, and that means understanding and internalizing their way of being.

Given the global crisis scenario we are living through; how would you describe the current environment at EIIT? What actions are you applying at EIIT to adapt to the situation?

We have been living for several years in a completely unknown environment with a high level of uncertainty. It started with the pandemic, then we faced supply chain disruption and lack of components and now, we are immersed in an international conflict. This, among other things is causing a previously unseen rise in commodity and energy prices. EIIT is creating new financial policies to protect ouroperations, and has enough liquidity to continue with its activity, as well as to establis new purchasing and logistics processes that allow us to have the necessary assets on time.

From your perspective, and considering the current situation, what do you think will be the main challenges facing EIIT in 2022?

As I mentioned before and due to the high uncertaintywe are subject to, both EIIT and the other Controlar companies must work on improving their efficiency, containing costs and being much more agile. We must always remain close to our customers, satisfying all their needs by applying the highest quality standards and always seeking excellence.

If you had to choose a key moment in your career in the company, what would it be?

That’s quite a difficult question. Unfortunately, we are living in an era where every day something new and unexpected appears. In my opinion, the key moment is the current one. We have been overcoming difficulties for about two years and working very hard to keep the company where it should be and to ensure long-term continuity. Logically, this challenge could not be met without the impressive team that makes up EIIT. These are hard-working people who are committed to the company and who have done an excellent job during this time.