👩🏽♀️At EIIT we celebrate every March 8 all the women who surround us and are part of our daily lives, colleagues, friends, family members, collaborators, bosses, employees, etc.

✍🏽However, from EIIT we consider that women’s day must be present every day of the year, providing and ensuring the #rights that all women deserve. To this end, for years we have organized and carried out the Equality Plan, which reflects our interest and sensitivity in terms of equality that we have in the organization and the implementation of principles reflected in our Strategic Framework.

In EIIT we are interested in achieving the best opportunities for all people, within our methodology we work for the perspective of equality and non-discrimination, being these factors included in our procedures.

👩🏻🤝👨🏻This Plan expresses our will to contribute to Equality between Women and Men by incorporating the principles included in the Law of Equality of Women and Men, working on the obstacles that may remain and that prevent us from achieving it.

We have a code of conduct applicable to all employees of the organization, as the principle of transparency and good practices. The Equality Plan is part of the Corporate Social Responsibility policy and affects the projection both inside and outside the organization committed to Equality. Everything stated and declared is communicated to all the company’s staff. Both internally and externally, all decisions taken in this regard will be reported and an image of the organization will be projected in accordance with this principle of equal opportunities between women and men, and everyone will be expected to be an active part of the whole process.

🎯⚖️The main objectives for all members of the company contained in this plan are:

  • Promote the effective application of the principle of equality between women and men, guaranteeing the same opportunities for access, professional development and working conditions at all levels and areas of the Organization.
  • To guarantee in the organization the absence of discrimination, directly or indirectly, on the basis of sex, especially those derived from maternity, paternity, the assumption of family obligations, marital status and working conditions.
  • Eliminate discrimination in internal promotion and selection, ensuring equal opportunities.
  • To favor a more balanced gender distribution in the workforce, facilitating a greater female presence in the different professional groups, functions and job positions, enabling the access of a greater number of women in the areas and levels where they are less represented, especially with regard to positions of responsibility.
  • To guarantee and improve the working conditions of women and men, promoting measures to reconcile work with the personal and family life of the Organization’s employees, which also guarantees optimum levels of productivity and efficiency.

📊📢The specific objectives of this plan include the following points:

  • Establish indicators to analyze the gender evolution in the results of the performance evaluation system and promotion campaign.
  • Review the procedure of the promotions and performance evaluation systems.
  • Include the principles of equality in the existing development documentation to reinforce the company’s commitment and disseminate it to the workforce.
  • Raise awareness and sensitize managers on Equal Opportunities in development.
  • Encourage the implementation of training actions on equality for the entire workforce.
  • Promote a culture that facilitates conciliation and co-responsibility.
  • Reinforce the commitment to sustainability and social responsibility with the workers of EIIT S.A., spreading a corporate culture oriented to equal opportunities between women and men, the prevention of all types of direct or indirect discrimination based on sex, as well as the eradication of any discriminatory conduct based on sex.

EIIT will publicize the actions carried out in the field of equality internally and externally when so determined, in order to contribute to effective equality between women and men.

In addition to this commitment, it is also agreed the constitution of the Equality Negotiating Commission, the components of the Commission are:

✓ 👩🏻Barbara Serrano Ducourneau.
✓ 👩🏻Melanie Serrano
✓ 👩🏻Teresa Rubio
✓ 👩🏻Agustina Regodón
✓ 👩🏻Vanesa Sánchez
✓ 👨🏻José María Ríos

All the parties that make up the Equality Negotiating Committee agree on the constitution of the same, and that, with a general character, it will ensure the dissemination, promotion and enhancement of equal opportunities among all workers of the company, and promote full equality between women and men.