It was last June that AENOR carried out an external audit of the UNE EN 9100: 2018 standard at our headquarters in La Carolina (Jaén) and Valdemorillo.

The UNE EN 9100: 2018 certificate lays down the bases for the certification of quality systems for aviation, space and defence organisationsin the areas of manufacturing, maintenance and distribution:

UNE-EN 9100: 2018 is applicable to organizations that design, develop and/or manufacture aviation, space or defense products (manufacturers).

UNE-EN 9110: 2018 is aimed at companies that perform maintenance services for commercial and military aviation products (maintenance providers).

UNE-EN 9120: 2018 is applicable to organizations that provide parts, materials, and assemblies, and that resell these products to a customer in the aviation, space and defense industry (distributors and storers).

EIIT is certified on the 9100 ISO standard as manufacturer of aeronautical systems, regarding test equipment.  Having renewed the certificate in 2020, which is valid until 2023, the company went through a follow-up audit this year.

The results of this audit have been highly satisfactory. AENOR ‘s assessment regarding the EIIT Management system is as follows:

“EIIT’s Quality Management System complies with the requirements of the Standard and with the rest of the audit criteria (legal and regulatory requirements, customer requirements, requirements of the internal management system) and it is effectively implemented.”

Regarding leadership, the report indicates a favorable assessment towards EIIT executives, considering that these “promote improvement, communicate the importance of quality management to employees, and contribute to the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.”

We are proud to have this certificate renewed once again, and to be able to demonstrate the commitment of EIIT towards the quality and image of the company, its customers, suppliers and coworkers.