We design aeronautic systems according to customer specifications, where we develop test benches which are classified generically as Software Test Benches, Integration RIGS and Trainer Facilities.  We have produced these products for countries around the world, most notably maritime patrol services and support centres for NH90, TIGER Helicopter and Eurofighter. We also implement training systems for aircraft crew.



Since 1986, we have worked on developing functional product tests that ensure the correct operation of all types of electronic circuits, according to our customers’ specifications. We try to ensure that the products examined comply with all quality parameters by providing custom products or adapting to needs.

Our versatile work team ensures that our customers will receive specific solutions for all their requirements.  We make every effort in R&D+i to ensure that we are able to adapt our products to all types of needs.


We integrate or develop highly complex equipment to meet customer expectations. We run test sequences in avionics with the very highest safety and reliability levels. Our tests are a guarantee that the products examined will have a low or zero fault level, achieving levels 6σ which in many cases are mandatory.

  • We work hard to face all the challenges in any industrial field and see them through successfully.
  • A qualified workforce specialising in research, development and innovation in the latest technologies and the respective integration in mechatronic test systems for high value-added products and equipment in different industries: aeronautics, space, defence, automotive, consumer electronics, rail, telecommunications, renewable energy…
  • We work to develop functional test benches and in-line test systems which verify the correct operation of all types of electronic circuits.
  • We try to maximise optimum results at minimum cost.

Our versatile work team ensures that our customers will receive specific solutions for all their requirements. We make every effort in R&D+i to ensure that we are able to adapt our products to all types of needs.

Our engineers have the LabView CLAD and CLD certifications awarded by National Instruments which certify our in-depth knowledge of this very powerful test tool.


The high degree of specialisation and knowledge of the technologies allows EIIT’s human resources team optimum and appropriate use of the most correct solution, emphasising the reuse of amply proven routines and methods and speed in the automation and control of new methods, regardless of the environment where this is carried out in, whether RIGs test, EGSEs, functional tools or an integral or total part of a process or automation system.

  • We have proven experience in carrying out functional tests integrating:
    • Modular and traditional instrumentation in their various types (PCI, PXI, LXI, GPIB, Ethernet,…)
    • Communication buses (CAN, LIN, ModBus, I2C, SPI, sockets TCP/IP, USB, RS232/485, ARINC429, MILBUS 1553-B…)
    • Measuring instrumentation (DMM, OSC, DAQ, Static DIO Sink/Source, TTL, HSDIO…)
    • Programmable power sources and 4-quadrant stimulation modules
    • High and low-density multiplexing switching
    • Radio-frequency
    • RTOS (NI compactRIO, NI FlexRIO)
    • HIL
    • Developments of microcontroller and FPGA based systems
    • Artificial vision
    • Traceability and SQL database
  • We develop software in NI LabVIEW, NI LabVIEW RT and FPGA, NI LabWindows, Visual Basic, C/C++, .NET.
  • We are experts in NI TestStand: development of process models, user interfaces and Step Types adapted to the solution and needs, synchronous or asynchronous parallel tests with optimisation of resources and reductions in test times.
  • We have programming capability in National Instruments VeriStand.

A work unit dedicated to developing latest technology automation systems, adapted to the specific needs of each customer. The Special Test Equipment team participates in many projects to supplement automation with the following types of tests: electric, vision, real-time control of robots, etc.

Our goal is to cater for all of our customers’ needs during the entire production process. We design automated systems at the most competitive price, generating the best proposal through innovation and creativity, adding value to our customers/partners’ production process. From the synergy between mechanical engineering, electronics, control and informatics, we develop automation projects globally, for improved, more efficient and optimised industrial processes. To do so, we are able to integrate various existing technologies in the current market with our automated systems, with the collaboration of our workforce and partners.


We take advantage of our experience to find solutions for all companies that want to optimise and improve their production processes.

Our goal is to improve them, finding flexible solutions so that the customer can reuse part of the equipment in the future. We offer a specific and innovative technological solution that ensures the profitability of the equipment.

We design, construct and commission specific fixtures, standalone machines or flexible cells, based on customer or joint specifications, to fulfil their project needs.

For this we can integrate any type of existing technology on the market, such as Robotics, Vision, Soldering, Dosing and Mixing, Laser Marking, Screwing, Pneumatics, Hydraulics, etc.

All using the most advanced PLCs, Fieldbuses, HMI and Scada, also covering different traceability and data management systems.

In constant contact with our partner companies, to perfectly determine all their needs. A department that promotes the continuous exchange of ideas and projects, committed to providing the best engineering solutions, specific test systems and in-line test systems. We offer technical support at the most competitive prices. Our aim is to market and support EIIT product lines as well as our sales representatives and associates.


We identify and qualify Solutions that GRUPO EIIT can provide to the industry, including engineering projects, products/standard equipment and partnerships.


  • Production and line test equipment for the automatic testing of electronic circuits, with manual loading or in-line equipment, for high production demand and fixtures. This equipment can include In Circuit Test, Boundary Scan, In-System-Programming, functional tests and vision tests.


  • Equipment for the diagnosis, repair and reworking of PCBs in repair centres, as well as in factories. Manual and automatic stations for diagnosis and selective soldering stations for complex SMT components.


  • Automated cells for wire processing: supply, cutting, stripping, crimping, labelling and test stations, as well as stations responsible for other operations.