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On 14 and 21 March 2013 the company National Instruments organised the Graphic Design of Systems Technology Forum. This year it was held in Barcelona and San Sebastian. The aim of the event was for participants to learn about the evolution of software-based instruments, through a series of technical sessions, the practical area, practical applications, the exhibition area and one-off networking opportunities.

The event was attended by engineers from different fields (the automotive industry, telecommunications, industry, Medical technology, university, etc.) and from a range of departments: design, production, quality, etc. EIIT, as an expert in the design and manufacture of test equipment, and Alliance Member of National Instruments, were represented on a stand in the exhibition area, where attendees could see real test applications. Specifically, we showed a PXI device that generated DVT signals for an automotive industry infotainment unit.


On 4 June 2013, the company National Instruments organised the seventh edition of the aerospace and defence forum, which took place at the Marañosa Technology Institute in Madrid. The forum established the ambitious objective of sharing innovative technologies to support the engineering of next-generation systems and to discuss modern applications in the industry.

The event was attended by heads of engineering departments and executives of Spain’s leading companies in this industry. EIIT, as an expert in the design and manufacture of aerospace, aeronautics and defence test equipment, was represented with a stand, where attendees could exchange opinions and experiences on testing in this industry area.

We are also actively involved in technical seminars, having presented a recent and successful project:

Data streaming and high digital speed in digital space communications

Our colleague Dimas Gimeno, engineer of the EIIT Special Test Equipment department, was responsible for communicating to attendees the initial challenge posed at the start of the project and the hardware and software tools selected for implementing it.

Here is an interesting comment from his presentation:

“We can see high digital speed, but the data streaming system we have developed with NI technology on HSDIOs and FPGAs is not very common, particularly when such a high bandwidth and disk storage is necessary.”

GOEPEL electronic prepares Software Platform for Embedded Test and Validation to support 4th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors

GOEPEL electronic, world-class vendor of Embedded System Access (ESA) solutions, announces the support of the 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors (code-named “Haswell”) within the framework of the SYSTEM CASCON™ platform for validation and test of complex processor boards.

SYSTEM CASCON™ is an integrated software development environment with a comprehensive tool suite, uniform GUI, and graphical project development for the synchronized utilization of all ESA technologies, enabling test, programming, and debug operations without nail or probe access (noninvasive).  In addition to JTAG/Boundary Scan/ IEEE 1149.x, key elements of the ESA philosophy are, in particular, Processor Emulation Test, Chip Embedded Instrumentation, Core Assisted Programming, and FPGA Assisted Test.

Support of the new Intel processors is based on the recently introduced Intel® Silicon View Technology (Intel® SVT). Intel® SVT is a proprietary method, comprised of various features integrated into Intel processors and chipsets, enabling platform debugging, electrical validation and production test. Complex 4th generation Intel Core processor-based designs with reduced physical access and high-speed signals can now be tested structurally and functionally with high-quality diagnostics. By means of processor-specific VarioTAP® models, these capabilities can be seamlessly incorporated into SYSTEM CASCON. Additional information can be found at

“For more than a decade our system solutions have enabled the utilization of Boundary Scan/IEEE 1149.x features of Intel processors for the test of complex boards. Supporting the 4th generation Intel Core processors based on the Intel Silicon View Technology is the next logical step in the exploitation of additional validation and test opportunities with our Embedded System Access philosophy“, explains Heiko Ehrenberg, Technology Officer for Embedded System Access Technologies and Managing Director at GOEPEL electronics LLC in the US. “For designs applying the 4th generation Intel Core processors, our OEM, ODM and EMS customers can now refer to new SYSTEM CASCON tools to accelerate prototyping, shorten time frames for New Product Introduction (NPI), and ensure the quality of production test with reduced access. As quite a number of these users are also members of the Intel Intelligent System Alliance, this platform enables us to specifically address the needs of, and cooperate with, system developers, system manufacturers, and system integrators.”

In the context of the new product development, GOEPEL electronic has joined the Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance as General Member. Intel Intelligent Systems Alliance is a global ecosystem of 200+ member companies that provide the performance, connectivity, manageability, and security developers need to create smart, connected systems. Close collaboration with Intel enables Alliance members to innovate with the latest technologies, helping developers deliver first-in-market solutions.

About the 4th Generation Intel Core CPUs and Intel® SVT

The 4th generation Intel® Core™ processor platform is based on an enhanced Tri-Gate transistor design and 22nm process technology. It provides increased performance, double graphics performance, 50% longer battery life for portable applications and an increased I/O flexibility supporting USB 3.0, PCI Express 3.0 and serial ATA interfaces. Additionally, the architecture enables Intel Silicon View Technology utilization securing design and test quality for OEM and ODM. More information on

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