A bed of nails is always a fixture that needs customizations because it is designed specifically to test a unique product.

With our experience we have been able to standardize the process of customization, development and manufacture, making it possible to decrease lead times of simple and more complex fixtures and thus keeping the required high levels of quality.

The fixture specialists at EIIT are always ready to discuss specific customer requirements, trying to find a solution aligned with their experience and technical concept that will cover your needs.

Examples of project adaptation in order to meet customer requirements:

  • Lateral actuation with pneumatic cylinders or stepper motors.
  • Detection of mechanical interlocking.
  • Contact connector pins (different levels of probe actuation).
  • TestJet sensors or other kind “made on demand measure”.
  • Design of customized parts to connect to specific product/customer components.
    • Signal conditioning with instrumentation amplifiers, frequency dividers, etc.
    • Generation of stimuli and noise filtering.
    • Development of specific PCBs for watchdog, interfacing, switching, etc.
    • Discharge and protection circuits.


We use the most update tools and machinery available, from CAD/CAM software, to CNC machines, special manual milling machines and wiring tables. Our staff of project engineers, designers and highly experienced production personnel collaborate to develop and manufacture high quality fixtures and deliver them on schedule.

Other tools also used:

  • CAD modeling software.
  • Strain Gauge test.
  • Finite Element Analysis.