The Board of Directors of EIIT,S.A. is responsible for formulating the company’s strategy and general policies, preparing programmes and establishing the goals for carrying out all the activities included in the corporate purpose; in particular, it is responsible for approving, among others, the Social Responsibility Policies.

  1. COMPLY WITH EXISTING LAW, in the countries in which it operates, adopting the corresponding international rules and guidelines, if there are no suitable legal provisions.
  2. ADOPT advanced corporate governance practices in line with the good governance recommendations generally recognised in international markets, based on corporate transparency and mutual trust with shareholders and investors.
  3. RESPECT human rights, particularly those whose violation degrades workers, rejecting child, forced or compulsory labour.
  4. DEVELOP A FAVOURABLE FRAMEWORK of industrial relations based on equal opportunities, non-discrimination and respect for diversity, promoting a safe and healthy environment and facilitating communication with the workforce.
  5. DEVELOP RESPONSIBLE PRACTICES in the value chain, establishing transparent, objective and impartial processes with suppliers and providing users with all the relevant information on products and services marketed.
  6. PROMOTE a culture of respect for the natural environment, reducing the environmental impact of the Company’s activities, protecting biodiversity and fostering communication and training in this area.
  7. PROMOTE TRANSPARENCY AND FREE-MARKET RULES, rejecting bribery, corruption or other types of payments in order to obtain business benefits and social expectations.
  8. PROMOTE socially responsible actions in those companies which have control or management capability, and in suppliers through recruitment and hiring processes.
  9. FOSTER the creation of communication and dialogue channels with different groups related to the company, to harmonise corporate values and social expectations.
  10. DISSEMINATE INFORMATION that is relevant and accurate about activities, submitting these activities to internal and external verification processes that guarantee their reliability and encourage their continuous improvement.

In San Lorenzo de El Escorial – Madrid 19 December 2012