Our history

EIIT started business in 1986, led by its founder, a person with many years of experience in industry and aerospace. EIIT based its foundations on offering high levels of engineering, security and the vision required to start a business focused on the development of the first automatic test systems for electronics such as ICT (In Circuit Testing) and the functional tests that started to emerge in those times in the electronics manufacturing industry. 

After the first few years of strong development, EIIT quickly identified options in the market to develop standard equipment that could be reused by the customer flexibly, and presented the in-line systems, providing its customers with high levels of return on investment. This product line continues to be developed, increasing the technological capabilities and possibilities for different levels and customer requirements and standards. In 2000, EIIT began its activities in the aeronautics industry, transferring its previous knowledge and experience in automatic test systems and becoming a renowned supplier in most EADS divisions, including Airbus Military, Cassidian and Eurocopter. Using mechanical and automotive resources, EIIT started at that time in parallel to the development of special machines, assembly and test lines, mostly for the automotive electronics industry.


Today, EIIT is a leading engineering company, with more than 25 years experience in the design, manufacture and commissioning of test equipment for all industry fields, supplying our customers with innovative and technologically advanced turnkey solutions. EIIT strives to surpass customer expectations, by having a highly trained and motivated engineering department and very flexible project management approach, allowing us to deliver our products and projects without delays.


During 2011, EIIT was reorganised to improve its competitiveness, so that it could be prepared for a new strategic business. Our current structure is organised into the following Work Units:

  • Special Test Equipment: Specialising in Research, Development and Innovation in cutting-edge technology and the respective integration in mechatronic test systems for high value-added products and equipment for the aeronautics, space, defence, automotive and rail industries, etc.
  • Aeronautics: Specialising in design, according to aeronautics customer specifications, the manufacturing and integration of test benches, racks, wiring and accessories.
  • Automation Systems: Specialising in designing, developing and implementing automation systems, production lines and special processing machines.
  • Solutions, Equipment & Partnership: Specialising in the marketing of the EIIT product lines and its represented companies.