To become a global benchmark in Electronic Testing, Avionics Testing and Industrial Automation, developing cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions in turnkey projects and products.


We are a multidisciplinary engineering team, fully committed to innovating: we develop solutions and have our own line of products for aeronautics, electronic product tests and automotive tests. We give shape to the needs and expectations of our customers to ensure the production of their products, complying with all quality and safety parameters and always safeguarding confidentiality.


  • Innovation and Excellence: Looking at the market in depth and anticipating long-term opportunities. We innovate in processes and products to respond to our customers’ needs.
  • Sustainability: guarantee a corporate management committed to the personal and professional development of workers, developing relationships with and respecting neighbouring communities, both socially and ecologically.
  • Work environment: We maintain a pleasant work environment, which promotes creativity and innovation. Relationships between workers should be essentially based on loyalty, transparency, teamwork and mutual cooperation.
  • Creating value: Maximising the value chain of the company to ensure a strong financial and economic structure based on the proper management of resources and the effectiveness of processes focused on the growth of the organisation.
  • Security and Confidentiality: We ensure the very highest security and confidentiality levels for our customer’s business, products and processes.