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EIIT is a market leader made up of an experienced multidisciplinary staff that tries to offer specific and flexible solutions that meet the needs and expectations of all types of industries.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the world of automatic test equipment (ATEs), our highly qualified workforce and modern infrastructure, we can offer top quality products and services.



In EIIT, we want to create a relationship based on a commitment with all our partner companies. Our advanced technical knowledge of all the products means that our partners and customers trust us to provide them the best service. We are continuously searching for innovative technology and the most modern resources to offer the best price and optimum and specific customer solutions.

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Bussines units

In EIIT we have been designing and developing automatic test equipment for more than twenty-five years, accumulating in each project all our experience and know-how as a leading engineering group. Our goal is to surpass our customers’ expectations by having a highly motivated and trained engineering team and very flexible project management to meet all deadlines. With the experience gained over the years and the types of projects we have been undertaking, we decided to redistribute our activities into four clearly differentiated work units. However, in many of our projects, two business units usually join forces for optimum end-customer results.


A clear example of this would be automatic assembly and test projects on finished products, where the Automation Systems and Special Test Equipment business units work together. Another example would be the carrying out of tests on platforms or standard products, such as in-line functional test systems, in which the Special Test Equipment and Solutions, Equipment and Partnership business units collaborate.


We design aeronautic systems according to customer specifications, where we develop test benches that are classified generically as Software Test Benches, Integration RIGS and Trainer Facilities.
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Special Test Equipment
We work to develop functional test benches and an in-line test system which verify the correct working of all types of electronic circuits. Our versatile work team ensures that our customers will receive specific solutions for all their requirements. We make every effort in R&D+i to ensure that we are able to adapt our products to all types of needs.
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Automation Systems
A work unit dedicated to developing latest technology automation systems adapted to the specific needs of each customer. The Special Test Equipment team participates in many projects to supplement automation with the following types of tests: electric test, artificial vision, real-time control of robots, etc. Our goal is to cater for all our customers' needs during the entire production process. We try to create automated systems at the most competitive price.
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Solutions, Equipment & Partnership
In constant contact with our partner companies, to perfectly determine all their needs. A department that promotes the continuous exchange of ideas and projects, committed to providing the best engineering solutions, specific test systems and in-line test systems. We offer technical support at the most competitive prices. Our aim is to market and support the EIIT product lines as well as our sales representatives and associates
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We are currently immersed in a totally global market, which means that many companies have an international presence. Since 2012, EIIT has had an office in Germany and is currently opening a distributor and partner network worldwide to be able to offer our customers the products and service that best suit their needs.

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Become a global benchmark in Electronic Testing, Avionics Testing and Industrial Automation, developing cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions in turnkey projects and products. 


Somos un equipo de ingeniería multidisciplinar plenamente dedicado a innovar: desarrollamos soluciones y tenemos nuestra propia línea de productos para aeronáutica, pruebas de productos electrónicos y pruebas en automoción.  Materializamos las necesidades y las expectativas de nuestros clientes para garantizar la producción de sus productos cumpliendo con todos los parámetros de calidad y seguridad, manteniendo siempre la confidencialidad. 


  • Innovation and Excellence: Looking at the market in depth and anticipating long-term opportunities. We innovate in processes and products to respond to our customers’ needs.
  • Partnerships, Transparency and Ethics: We create relationships and partnerships at all levels: with shareholders, investors and workers, transparently, openly and broadly, with an ethical and honest behaviour.
  • Sustainability: guarantee a corporate management committed to the personal and professional development of workers, developing relationships with and respecting neighbouring communities, both socially and ecologically.
  • Work environment: We maintain a pleasant work environment, which promotes creativity and innovation. Relationships between workers should be essentially based on loyalty, transparency, teamwork and mutual cooperation.
  • Creating value: Maximising the value chain of the company to ensure a strong financial and economic structure based on the proper management of resources and the effectiveness of processes focused on the growth of the organisation.
  • Security and Confidentiality: We ensure the very highest security and confidentiality levels for our customer’s business, products and processes.


In EIIT we work hard to offer the best solutions for our customers. The level of excellence we have achieved in our work has been widely recognised, through various awards and prizes. Our goal is to communicate all quality guarantees to the customer.





Join the EIIT team and discover all the possibilities offered to you by working in a leading engineering company. Forming part of our company means working in a successful environment.

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