LINE MANAGER – Boosting Automated InLine Testing for Production Lines

LINE MANAGER – Boosting Automated InLine Testing for Production Lines

  • Suitable for automated in-line testing with several PCBs working in parallel
  • Smart traffic management of PCBs according to the real needs of the production line

LINE MANAGER is an open platform software solution developed by EIIT for automated in line testing solution. It is a highly scalable solution to manage several automated in-line equipment from low production to high production demand of PCBs. LINE MANAGER controls all the functions of the production test equipmentand works like a smart traffic management of PCBs, optimizing the flow of the PCBs according to the configuration required for each station and each PCB model.


Together with the flexibility of XILS handler, LINE MANAGER  prepares the production line for a variety of possible combinations with the ease of configurable hardware and software.

Moreover, this software solution allows:

  • aasy hardware and software configuration
  • visual and friendly interface
  • real-time monitoring of equipment states
  • open software compatibility with LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, TestStand, etcetera


LINE MANAGER in comination with XILS handler is the best choice for automated in-line testing. This solution can include In-Circuit Test, Boundary Scan, In-System-Programming, Functional Test, LED tests, Vision test. These are used in the automotive, consumer goods industries, among others, for a long time.


EIIT started business in 1986, led by its founder, a person with many years of experience in industry and aerospace. EIIT based its foundations on offering high levels of engineering, security and the vision required to start a business focused on the development of the first automatic test systems for electronics such as ICT (In Circuit Testing) and the functional tests that started to emerge in those times in the electronics manufacturing industry. Today, EIIT is a leading engineering company, with 33 years experience in the design, manufacture and commissioning of test equipment for all industry fields, supplying our customers with innovative and technologically advanced turnkey solutions. EIIT strives to surpass customer expectations, by having a highly trained and motivated engineering department and very flexible project management approach, allowing us to deliver our products and projects without delays. With over 110 employees, EIIT belongs to CONTROLAR Group and holds production facilities in Spain, Portugal and Mexico and is represented in Malaysia and India.