EIIT has delivered in July to Airbus Defence & Space an integration bench to test the capabilities of the control units in charge of the hydraulic servo actuators for the rudder and the elevators in order to upgrade the navigation system of the aircrafts to a fly-by-wire system.

This bench is made up one 19”rack where the following elements are mounted:  three airborne control units, one VME based simulation system, one patching panel for signal monitoring, two Ethernet switches, for internal interconnection plus connection to the external laboratory network, plus the corresponding power distribution units.

The bench is powered by SEAS System, SEAS v3.3 version, software System developed by   Airbus DS.

The VME instrumentation hardware is designed to monitor /simulate the following signals: 39 ARINC 429 buses, 87 discrete signals, 6 analog signals, 9×6 wires LVDT sensors, 6 x 4 wires LVT sensors, 6 x 5 wires RVDT sensors, 6 RS232 buses and 2 CAN buses.

All the signals and buses have been functionally tested prior to the delivery of the system and the LVDT simulation outputs have been tested to accuracies in the range of 0,275% to 0,85%, giving an absolute value in accuracy of 9 mV to 16 mV.

Fly-by-wire tester